Our Products And Services


  • Adhesive and Tapes
  • Arts, Crafts and Colouring
  • Books, Pads, Carbon
  • Files, Filing Accessories and Display
  • General Office Supplies
  • General Scholastic Supplies
  • Office Machines and Calculators
  • Technical Drawing Instruments
  • Staplers, Punches and Accessories
  • Mondi Photocopying Paper A4/A3 sizes
  • Ruled papers
  • Fullscap 250, 400 & 500 Sheets
  • A4 Writing Pads Top & Side Spiral
  • Short Hand Notebooks
  • Envelopes white & Khaki
  • Flip chart papers & stands
  • Bond Paper Stock Size Different gramage
  • Newsprint Paper
  • Manilla Paper Different Colors
  • HP & LaserJet Cartridges
  • Plus Different Assorted Stationery Items

  • Executive and Managers Desks
  • Reception Counters
  • Pole Legs
  • Student Desks
  • Training Furniture
  • Conference Furniture
  • Stacking and Banquet Chairs
  • Boardroom & Meeting Tables - Servers
  • Filling Systems
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Office Cupboards
  • Packing & Masking tape
  • Box files

  • Electric water pipe heat cables
  • Sharkbite ½ in and ¾ in (Dual PEX Copper Crimp Ring tool)
  • Sharkbite Full size stainless Steel PEX Clamp ring tool
  • HDX Large Diameter Tube Cutter
  • RIDGID faucet and Sink Installer tool
  • Tubing Cutters(All sizes)
  • HDX Basic Wrench
  • HDX Junior Tube Cutter
  • Multi Head PEX Copper Crimp Ring tool kit
  • RIDGID 12-R Exposed Ratchet Threaded Set
  • Husky Telescoping Basin Wrench
  • Fitting brushes
  • Flaring tools
  • Aluminium pipe wrench
  • Tailpiece Extension Cutters
  • Adjustable slip-runt wrench
  • Faucet Handle/ Compression puller
  • PVC/ ABS saws
  • Sill cock keys
  • Street and curb water Meter Key
  • Self-adjusting groove joint pliers
  • Shower valve Socket Wrench
  • Ratchet

  • Supply of hand and power tools
    • Hand tools - Hammers
    • Tape measures
    • Chalk line
    • Carpenters pencils
    • Utility knifes
    • Tin snips
    • Speed squares
    • Framing squares
    • Levels
    • Wood chisels
  • Supply and repair of Power tools
    • Circular saws
    • Drills(3/8" to ½" chuck)
    • Reciprocating saws
    • Extension codes
    • Air compressors
    • Table saws
    • Nail guns

We specialize in providing electrical solutions ranging from the fixing to supply of the consumables.

  1. Flexible electrical conduit pack
    • Adapt cut conduit pipe cutters
  2. PVC pipe conduit and fittings
    • ( round conduit, oval conduit, PVC capping, straight coupler for round conduit, inspection elbow, spacer bar saddle, male adapter with ring, female adapter with bush, PVC
  3. Metal Conduit fittings
  4. Consumables and Tools for conduit and fittings
  5. Installations tools

The category of the services we offer range from air conditioning installation, supply and repair from home to industrial. PDC is proficient and qualified in a wide range of air conditioning system installation, service and repairs including:

  • Split System Air Conditioning
  • Ducted Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Exhaust and Fresh Air Systems
  • Ducted Gas Heating Servicing

Demand for bulky and branded personal protective equipment and consumables for pharmaceutical, chemical and biological hazards have grown over the years since it has been a statutory requirement for almost all the organisations. In response we at Performance Development Centre have continually evolved to meet the public demand through provision of customer focused services listed below.

  • Protective Gloves
    There are various types of gloves supplied by PDC various purposes and some of the available gloves include:
    1. Nitrile protective glove – the marathon glove
    2. Latex protective glove – the tough standard
    3. Latex glove - low material thickness with good protection
    4. The non-sterile version
    5. Isolator-Glove Changing System
    6. Thin reusable long-lasting protective glove
    7. Long chemical protection glove
    8. Multi-layer protective glove for reliable protection
    9. Butyl-protective glove for handling many different chemicals
    10. Cut-resistant protective glove combined with good chemical protection
  • Protective cover all & partial protection
    Depending on one’s risk assessment of the situation, suitable protective clothing has to be selected. There are various in stock for your specific safety needs:
    1. Certified breathable personal protection against chemicals and CMR-drugs
    2. Protective coverall against cytostatic, chemicals and biological agents
    3. Light type 3/3-B coverall
    4. Protective coverall against inorganic chemicals and biological agents
    5. Light type 5/6 coverall for particles and light spray
    6. Protective over boots PB3-3PB
    7. Safety boots S5 - Puncture-resistant boots for use during pandemics
    8. Protective gowns
    9. Aprons
    10. Protective over sleeves
  • Respiratory masks
    1. Respiratory mask for protection against particles, aerosols and viruses
    2. Respiratory mask - Pre-shaped mask with high wearing comfort
    3. Respiratory folding mask
    4. Respiratory full face mask
  • Safety Googles
    1. Auto clavable safety glasses with "Anti-fog"-Effect
    2. Autoclavable full vision safety goggles
    3. Ultra-light laboratory glasses with optimum fit
    4. Full vision safety goggles with "anti-fog" in sterile and non-sterile
    5. Gas-tight safety goggles Ultra vision
  • Pandemic and Anti-Infection Sets
    1. The pandemic protection set has been developed for health careworkers, who remain within the infectious area for a limited period of time(max. 8 hours). The set meets the recommendations for safety by the World Health Organisation.
    2. Anti-Infection Set

PDC is endowed with a decade of experience in maintenance and repairs to keep your properties in a good state. We are fast and reliable solution provider to repairs both in home and industrial properties in the following areas:

  • Electrical, plumbing or heating systems,
  • Appliances
  • Carpets in the unit or common areas
  • Walls, roofs, ceilings,
  • Windows, doors, locks, lighting,
  • Garages, laundry rooms, patios, walkways or pools.