Performance Development Centre, has an independent division specializing inInformation and Communications Technology (ICT). The division from onset was made to focus only on ICT which have helped us construct a name on providing customized ICT solutions. Our ICT department focuses on the supply and repair of hardware, software development and installation. PDC have previously developed and managed software and systems with companies in various industries in areas of procurement, marketing, accounting and finance, human resources and all other related areas.

Our strength in the field lies in the proficiency and field experience of our software developers, technicians and our organization’s relationship management policy. Our people have knowledge, expertise and know- how on operations and maintenance that ensure post implementation efficiency maximization for our projects and designs. Performance Development Centre is guided by our principle values of innovation, customer satisfaction, professionalism and integrity in our conduct and we pride our self for the ability to meet budgetary, timeframes and functionality requirements of our clients.

Why Performance Development Centre

Expert Management Team
Performance Development Centre have become a leading force to reckon in the provision of integrated ICT services to the government, private and non-governmental organisation both at national and international level. We offers a wide range of advanced ICT products and services allowing the implementation of e-Government, e-Procurement and e-Business concepts and strategies. Our leading edge comes from the expert management team that is driving the organisation.

Highly Specialized Staff
All our staff member carry a century of experience and knowledge drawn from deep technical knowledge in national and international research and practice. The company continue to recruit and retain highly educated and specialized IT personnel, thus enabling the building of unique and technologically advanced IT projects in the country. Leading Product Portfolio
Our IT products, software platforms and integrated turnkey solutions for our customers are favorable in terms of cost/quality ratio. The expertise developed is based on the latest, state-of-the-art technologies. Performance Development Centre remains resolute in providing our clients quality and innovative IT solutions and we command the strongest reputation in the industry.

Cost Effective Platforms The relatively low cost structure and the availability of high level personnel in the primary corporate and employment locations, allows the delivery of competitively priced products, with the retention of healthy profit margins for the organisation.

Strong and Diverse Client Base
At Performance Development Centre we boast a strong and diverse clientele in and around Namibia from governmental organisations to private organisations. The organisation has international orientation and continue to focus its effort to deliver international standard application and services.

Our Products and Services

1 - ICT Hardware and Peripherals

  • Keyboards and mice
  • USB Flash drives
  • Networking and Wi-Fi
  • Personal Laptops (all brands)
  • Hard drives and Data Storage
  • Tablet accessories
  • Computer Monitors
  • Computer Privacy Screens and Protectors
  • Cables
  • Computer Speakers and Docks
  • Servers and Accessories
  • Scanner Accessories
  • Printers (parts and consumables)
  • Plotters
  • Toner Cartridges
2 - Software Development

We have a team of professionals that will help analyze your business and develop customized software and systems best suited to your business needs and aspirations. The areas we are proficient in include but not limited to the following areas:
  • Supplier Management Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Accounting Management Systems
  • Human Resources Management Systems
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Strategic Management Systems
  • Network Security Systems
  • Point of Sale Systems
3 - Website Development

The world of technology continue to headway and the only main interface between organisations and clients have become the internet. Development of a lucrative website is deniably one way of thwarting competition and creating a competitive edge. Performance Development Centre also specialize in development of website that meet the specific needs of your clients with the ability to attract and build trust for your clients.Our websites meet the following characteristics:
  • Rich Content
  • Interactive and readable
  • Appealing visual designs
  • Personalized and customized to your needs
4 - Services

  • Installation and Maintenance
    Performance Development Centre, can help you install ICT hardware equipment. Our technician are well versed with designing and layout for ICT hardware that will be convenient for your businesses
  • Repairs
    We repair ICT hardware inclusive of Mac, Tablets, Phones, PCs and Game Consoles Common type of repairs:
    • Battery replacements
    • Hard drive replacements
    • Screen replacements
    • Software and application upgrades
    • Malware Removal
  • Consulting
    Most people find it difficult to identify their specific business ICT needs and at Performance Development Centre we can help you establish your specific business requirements and the ICT infrastructure that you may probably require for the installation and maintenance of the system. We are willing to help you identify the features and function peculiar with your business and help you optimize your operations. Our ICT technicians have been studying various industries in the country and are proficient in: Transport, Mining,Agriculture Accounting and Finance
  • Training
    Despite that our software are user friendly, Performance Development Centre does not underscore the need for continued training of clients to better and fully utilize the systems to their benefit. Selected individuals will undergo training concurrently with the implementation of the applications and systems. We also provide training as need arise.

Partial List of Completed Projects

Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF)

  • Supplier Management Systems
  • March 2017

Yota Africa

  • Website Designing and hosting

Ubh Training Institute (Nkurenkuru)

  • Website designing and hosting
  • Computer Lab Design and Computer Installations

National Housing Enterprise (NHE)

  • Web Redesigning
  • May 2017