Why Choose PDC

Production Capacity PDC is fast growing advertising, branding and printing conveniently located and in possession of technology, expertise and capacity to deliver. Our facilities and resources include:

  • 3 different print technologies (Screen Printing, Pad printing and Embroidery)
  • 13 advertising and branding staff members

Complete Control
Our policy is give complete control of the processes to our customers to successfully maintain complete the job meeting the customer requirements. The customer involvement in the pre-production, production and finishing of the job determines that the job is done exactly the way you want it, how you want it and when you want it. That is our guarantee to you.

Quality Assurance
When doing business, quality and reliability are paramount. PDC is considered amongst our supplier peers to be the industry standard for reliability in quality advertising, branding and print management systems. We achieve this with the following standards:

  • Project Teams
  • Preferred Supplier Arrangements
  • Guaranteed Deliverability
  • Colour Management
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our Services

The division is solely responsible for professional advertising, printing and branding solutions and packages tailor made to unique client needs. We specialize in turning ideas into powerful brands and creating effective advertising campaigns from the most basic of briefs. PDC aims to deliver the best creative solutions possible for every one of our clients. Integral to achieve this, we commit ourselves to understanding our clients' business operations and branding/advertising needs first. It is our aim to build lasting relationships with clients. We aim to continuously improve and develop our design skills to stay in line with industry standards

PDC specialises in both out and in-door advertising services in which the company have decade worth of experience the labour force combined together.

  • Billboards, Digital, Transit and Highway Advertising
  • Mobile Trailer Advertising
  • Research, Analysis and Strategy Implementation Consultancy
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Media Placement/ Buying
  • Script and copy writing
  • Campaign Development, Management and Tracking Tools
  • Public Relations

a. Billboards, Digital, Transit and Highway Advertising
The company can help you advertise through our billboards of various sizes and formats anywhere in Namibia.

b. Mobile Trailer Advertising t
We manufacture, sell and rent out mobile advertising trailers in different sizes. Our trailers have proven to be affordable and better quality whilst reaching the intended audiences in a cost effective way compared to radio, newspapers and television

c. Research, Analysis and Strategy Implementation Consultancy
PDC have vast experience in advertising and we offer our clients advertising research services, market and industry analysis to determine the best advertising strategies for the client and also consult in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the strategy.

e. Video Production and Editing
The company provides video editing for the following types of projects:

  • TV Commercials
  • Independent Films
  • Documentaries
  • Title Sequences
  • Corporate Videos
  • Web Commercials
  • Social Media Videos

f. Media Placement/ Buying
PDC is having a long standing relationship with media houses, and is in better position negotiating advertisement slotting on both electronic (radio and television) and print media in the country. We aim at serving the best interest of the customer through choosing and recommending the best media for a particular type of business.

g. Script and copy writing
PDC will write the copy and script that encompasses the most popular industries that advertise their products and services through radio and television ads. Each script comes assembled with suggestions for casting, performance direction, music, and sound effects to complement the advertisement copy and to best reflect your message and better your clients.

h. Campaign Development, Management and Tracking Tools
When planning a public campaign Performance Development Centre will help you craft goals, aims, measurable objectives, target groups and settings, key messages, materials and actions, monitoring and evaluation should all be considered. We offer guidelines and checklists for tracking all the campaign tools.

i. Public Relations
PDC offers management consultancy for tabulation of public attitudes through helping organisations craft policies, procedures and interest of an organization followed by executing a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance and this entails the below mentioned activities:

  • Events Organisation and Management
  • Press Conference Organisation
  • Development of press kit for reporters
  • Establishment and Implementation of Communication Crisis Management Plans
  • Organising Interviews for Organisations (Radio, TV, Telephone)
  • Development of Organisational Newsletters

j. Online Marketing
Our Social media advertising is the fastest way of generating results through increased website traffic, lead generation and influenced sales achievable through creation of engaging social media advertising, laser-target a specific and relevant audiences and analyse data, A/B testing and optimize adverts. Our services in this area entail:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital advertising



PDC takes a holistic approach to branding and marketing communications as we believe we are solely in the business of helping our clients build brands and drive sales. We are highly experienced in a range of different branding which is important in strategic and creative parts of the busines

a. Branding Methods

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Pad Printing
  3. Embroidery
  4. Digital printing
  5. Heat press
  6. Inkjet printing
  7. Dye-sublimation
  8. Laser printing
  9. Thermal printing
  10. 3D printing
  11. Dome Stickers

b. Promotional Products

  1. Branded Writing Instruments
  2. Branded Keychains
  3. Branded Office Accessories (Desk watches, photo frames, business card case, rulers, calendars)
  4. Branded Drinkware
  5. Branded Folders
  6. Branded Bags and Coolers
  7. Branded Protective Outerwear
  8. Branded Golfer Shirts/ T- Shirts/ Lounge Shirts
  9. Branded Corporate Wear
  10. Branded Gazebos (Golf Kit Combo)

NB. We also supply unbranded promotional material

c. Logo Development and Designs
Our team of friendly graphic designers provide assistance in organizational logo designs at very affordable cost. PDC designed graphic marks, emblems or symbols will give your business a distinctive personality and promote instant public recognition

d. Signage and Graphics

  • Yard Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Car Door Magnets
  • Engraved Door Signs
  • Engraved Name Plates
  • Window Decors
  • Sign Boards

e. Website Development / Graphic Designing:

  • Logo Development
  • Magazine & Presentation Layouts
  • Website Designing & Development
  • Custom designs: Flyers and Business Cards



Apart from the advertising and corporate signage, the company have a solely printing sub- division that focuses on high volume production of large digital printing. The range of the products range from posters, banners, street furniture, transit advertising, window decals, point of sale displays, floor graphics, lightbox prints, digital wallpaper, fabrics and textiles, display systems and rigid/textured substrate.

a. Pre-press & Design

  • Hi-res scanning
  • Layout and artwork creation
  • Colour management and manipulation of digital files

b. Laminating

  • A number of finishes (including matte, gloss and non-slip) are available for added durability, UV stability, and chemical and graffiti resistance.

c. Mounting

  • To a variety of substrates for either internal or external use

d. Packaging & Distribution

  • Handled in-house by our skilled team of finishing personnel. Our partner couriers ensure your job arrives in perfect condition every time.

e. Suppliers of Printing Equipment

  • Screen printing equipment
  • Heat Press Machines for T-shirt / Mugs / Plates / Caps, Cutting Plotters
  • Sublimation Supplies
  • Transfer Paper materials
  • Embroidery machines, and Recycle printer consumable materials (Ink).


Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry
  • Designing, Proof Reading, Editing and Printing of DVS Annual Reports
Ministry of Works and Transport (Government Garage)
  • Printing and Supply of Business Cards
  • Design, Printing and Supply of 920 Vehicle Stickers
Ministry of Urban and Rural Development
  • Printing and Supply of Business Cards
  • Design, Printing and Supply of Vehicle Stickers
Social Security Commission
  • Supply of Promotional items
Omuthiya Town Council
  • Supply of 25 Golfers
  • Supply of branded diaries
//Kharas Regional Council
  • Supply of branded items (Drinkware, Writing Instruments, Memory Sticks, Pullup banners rtc)
  • Supply of the Golf- Kit Combo
  • Supply of Branded Tracksuits
Okakarara Vocational Training College
  • Supply of 370 Branded Golfers
  • Supply of 1000 Branded Envelops (500 x B5/500x B3)
G. Marwa and Associates Land Surveyors
  • Supply of Branded Company T-Shirts
  • Design and Development of the Company Logo
  • Supply of Business Cards
  • Billboard design and erection
Ministry of Health and Social Services
  • Supply & Branding of 120 Vicenza Laptop Bags
  • Printing of Substance Abuse Prevention, Drug Control Newsletter
  • Printing of Alcohol Traders Manuals (100 Copies)
  • Screen Printing on Canvas Tents
  • Supply and Branding of 300 Tracksuits
Ministry of Works and Transport (Otjozondjupa Maintenance Department)
  • Supply of 150 Branded Tracksuits
National Planing Commission
  • Supply of the branded t-shirts
Ohangwena Regional Council
  • Supply & Branding of 112 Tracksuits
Global Programs for Research and Training Namibia
  • Supply of 500 branded umbrella
  • Supply of 500 branded backpacks
  • Supply of 500 outdoor sunhats
  • Supply of 40,000, A6 Matte Stickers
  • Supply of 200 Vinyl Car Stickers

Partial list of branding & printing projects and references

1 Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHHS)
Traceable Reference: Ms. Mitchell Allies
Tel: +264 81 286 2490

2 //Kharas Regional Council
Traceable Reference: Mrs. Elma Goliath (Senior Administrator)
Tel: +264-63-22 2068
Email: egoliath@karasrc.gov.na

3 Ohangwena Regional Council
Traceable Reference: Mr. Onesmus Shapopi (Learning & Development Officer)
Tel: +264 65 263 021

4 Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHHS)

Traceable Reference: Mrs. R.A. Adams (Programme Manager) Tel: +264 61 203 2619
Email: radams@mhss.gov.na

5 Ministry of Health and Social Services
"Centres for Disease Control & Prevention"
Reference: Purchase Order # 0987

6 Murwa & Associates Lands Surveyors cc
Tel: +264 61 250 297

7 Ministry of Health & Social Services (MoHHS)
Tonderai Shumba: Tel: +264 61 203 2630

8 Ministry of Health & Social Services (MoHHS)
Traceable Reference: Ms. J. Beukes
Tel: +264 61 2032631